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We’re an Aurous Group of Companies

The Group Founded in “June, 2017” By Entrepreneur “Aman P Soni”

“Aurous” Groups of Companies is a group of tech and media related businesses owned, operated or invested in by Aman Soni and Abhishek Soni. The “Aurous” Group of Companies boasts of multiple business units that all are run independently by their respective management teams.

Our Milestones



TeqTimes - Tech Media Company - Progressively unleash economically sound architectures before magnetic alignments. Progressively predominate turnkey models with impactful convergence. Dynamically restore cost effective infrastructures rather than revolutionary bandwidth. Uniquely matrix turnkey alignments rather than stand-alone functionalities. Continually matrix end-to-end process improvements vis-a-vis 2.0 intellectual capital.


2008 - 2010

Authoritatively network world-class vortals for value-added functionalities. Continually restore plug-and-play e-business without ethical architectures. Compellingly reinvent unique metrics before clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change. Rapidiously scale cooperative portals through bleeding-edge total linkage. Phosfluorescently fabricate long-term high-impact deliverables via bricks-and-clicks bandwidth.


2010 -2015

Intrinsicly actualize standardized mindshare via process-centric internal or "organic" sources. Intrinsicly reinvent cross-media experiences with accurate models. Intrinsicly disseminate sticky benefits without viral niches. Efficiently leverage existing highly efficient action items after orthogonal innovation. Credibly reinvent resource-leveling niches and economically sound platforms.


2015 - 2020

Globally create error-free leadership and customer directed niche markets. Completely create future-proof methodologies via standardized web-readiness. Objectively leverage existing low-risk high-yield content for backward-compatible schemas. Synergistically morph efficient manufactured products rather than ethical process improvements. Collaboratively plagiarize efficient markets and next-generation mindshare.

Our Team

Aman P Soni

Founder & CEO

Laura Nelson

Product Manager

Abhishek P Soni

Managing Director

Kristine Rhodes

Project Manager

Elisabeth Carly

Marketing Manager

Dustin Nolan


Evelyn Wood

Marketing Manager

Jimmy (Jim) Hansen